Bonjour! Welcome to French Metro Antiques, direct importers of fine French antique furniture and accessories. We invite you to share our passion for aesthetics, language, history and the French culture.

Located on Dickson Street in downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas, French Metro Antiques is a mecca for those who have an appreciation for beauty, quality, and authenticity.  We travel to France three times a year to personally select each accessory and piece of furniture that arrives at our door.


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Restoration Musings

November 02, 2015

In practicing the art of restoration, I approach each piece with respect and love of craft.  Understanding the original function and form is key to this process. I often mutter to myself that the hand must not be seen.    The first stage is cleaning. I carefully go over the entire piece and clean all the nooks and crannies. By walking my fingers across the varied surfaces, I am able to find the life that the piece has lived. Time is seen in the burn marks, ink spills, and markings from Mother Nature. In viewing the buildup of gunk, a technical term, I can see if the piece has lived part of its life in a kitchen or next...

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