Book of Hours

Rare illuminated Book of Hours (Livre d'Heures). Each page of parchment paper features a prayer. The title page is translated "Book of Hours, or Offices of the Church, illustrated according to the manuscripts of the Library of the King by Miss A. Guilbert, and published under the direction of the Abbot Of the Billiers, honorary Canon of Langres." (Paris: Eugene Duverger, 1848). This book features 92 pages, all hand painted and illuminated color plates, gray leather binding with an ornate silver medallion bearing the initials of Gaston Crespel, the French man for whom it was created. A dedication to Gaston Crespel is inside, dated July 18, 1888. This book features gilt edged silk moiré endpapers and comes with an outer shell and case. Books of Hours are private devotional books that were extremely popular with wealthy Catholics in the 15th century. These books became status symbols and fashion accessories, worn in purses at the hip.

9" L X 6.25" W X 1" D

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