Bonjour! Welcome to French Metro Antiques, direct importers of fine French antique furniture and accessories. We invite you to share our passion for aesthetics, language, history and the French culture.

Located on Dickson Street in downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas, French Metro Antiques is a mecca for those who have an appreciation for beauty, quality, and authenticity.  We travel to France two times a year to personally select each accessory and piece of furniture that arrives at our door.


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The Cathedral of Beauvais

July 08, 2019

Another successful buying trip to France for those that kept up with us--we were very busy and productive but were able to sneak one day in to relax. We had worked through all of our appointments and were far ahead of schedule before we needed to head back to Paris from Normandy for our return flight home. With no clear plan in mind, and no set lodging to speak of, Renee and I decided to make an unscheduled stop in the cathedral town of Beauvais on our way back to Paris. I remembered studying the cathedral when I was at school in France and remembered that it was particularly of interest for its Gothic architecture, lack of a nave, and...

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