Bonjour! Welcome to French Metro Antiques, direct importers of fine French antique furniture and accessories. We invite you to share our passion for aesthetics, language, history and the French culture.

Located on Dickson Street in downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas, French Metro Antiques is a mecca for those who have an appreciation for beauty, quality, and authenticity.  We travel to France two times a year to personally select each accessory and piece of furniture that arrives at our door.


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Summer 2021 in France

October 09, 2021

Ten weeks?  Yes...making up for lost time.  French Metro Antiques spent the summer in France and what a glorious summer it was!  Terry, Harrison, and I arrived in Paris on June 9th, the first day France reopened to Americans with proof of vaccination.  White cards in hand, we were in!  Harrison immediately hopped on a train for a ten day vacation in Brittany, while Terry and I picked up our rental car and headed out.   The first ten days were non-stop work--antiques, antiques, antiques--and reconnecting with our French colleagues… ”Ah vous etes la?  Superbe!. Vous allez bien?  Et la famille?" All our friends were so surprised and so happy to see us, and the feeling was mutual.  Transatlantic friendships...

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