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Blogging in bed….a walnut Louis-Philippe bed that is!  Our B&B is full of Louis-Philippe antiques – quite possibly our favorite period.  

Today’s finds were varied and exciting…

Pair of cast stone planters from a Normandy manor house, c. 1930.

INCREDIBLE 16th century iron and bronze grills from a church converted into a coffee table.

Artisan-made brandy barrel converted into a side table/bar.

One of our favorite things about our trips to France is the people we meet.   Here our friend, Jean-Michel, shows off his passion for vintage American slot machines here in France. 

Our conversation with a local Moroccan pizza maker brought a smile to our faces.  While discussing the political situation in the Arab world and the various revolutionary movements there, he colorfully noted the following: “Democracy  in Morocco?  That’s like giving a tagine to a camel…they don’t know what it is.”  In case you don’t know, a tagine is a delicious traditional Moroccan dish of couscous, vegetables, and lamb.

French Metro Antiques
French Metro Antiques


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