France's Largest Port City

The last few days we’ve really been chasing after antiques all over the Northwestern part of France. We spent a day in Le Havre, France’s largest port city, where many containers (including ours) depart for other parts of the world. We drove into Paris for a day to meet with an “antiquaire” we’ve known for over 10 years. Finally, we settled down in Rouen, a large city where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in the 15th century.

We’ve run across some unusual pieces of furniture during part of our trip.

A barley twist prayer chair

A pair of French colonial folding chairs in gold leafed faux bamboo

An 18th century Louis XVI PERIOD secretary with its original glass.

A Restoration period walnut day bed, c. 1830.

A late 1800’s milliner's cabinet from a hat maker’s shop in Paris

French Metro Antiques
French Metro Antiques


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