Our Final Treasures!

Our very last day of shopping! A few last goodies…

A pair of matching hand carved cornices with sunflowers to be placed above doors or windows.

A nineteenth century hand carved walnut wedding box commissioned for the bride and groom with their names.

A hand forged iron window that was originally part of an entry door.

A visit to the Chateau de Maintenon where the favorite of King Louis XIV lived. Mme de Maintenon, Louis XIV's second wife, was born in a prison where her father was the prison warden. Her station in life obviously took a turn for the better!

A view from a window of the chateau.

The unfinished aqueduct Louis XIV commissioned in a failed attempt to change the course of the river l’Eure so he could get more water to Versailles. Call it folly or call it arrogance, but it does make a lovely view from the castle.

French Metro Antiques
French Metro Antiques


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