New shipment from France on its way!

We are following the progress of our shipment as it makes its way to Fayetteville.  This particular shipment is taking quite a long journey with lots of stops.  The ship departed on October 22nd from the port of Le Havre on the French coast, headed up the English Channel to stop at Rotterdam, Holland then on to Bremerhaven, Germany.  Next it headed back down the Channel and across the Atlantic to stop at Charleston, South Carolina.  Finally a stop in the Bahamas and then on to Houston.  Arrival in Houston is November 17th and then we wait while it gets through US Customs before it gets trucked to our loading dock on Dickson Street.  It’ll be like Christmas for us here around Thanksgiving time. 


There are many beautiful French farm tables this shipment along with some gorgeous nineteenth century oil paintings, a collection of antique French signs, gilt wood mirrors of all sizes, two iron fireplace backs,  a few French industrial pieces, and some Art Deco furniture that took our breath away. 


Our one-of-a-kind accessories on the way include an enormous brass telescope on a tripod and a pair of very large copper port and starboard ship lanterns, an exquisite toile porcelain of Paris pedestal sink, a gorgeous marquetry box signed by a renown French cabinet maker, a Moet et Chandon silver plate hotel champagne bucket…I could go on.  We will send out our email when our ship’s come in.  Until then, merci et à bientôt!

Renee Hunt
Renee Hunt


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