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Join us virtually on our upcoming trip to France.  We'll even custom shop for you. 

We are off to France on January 5th for another three week buying trip that will take us from Paris to the provinces to uncover the rare and unique. Our shop will remain open, but join us on Facebook as we discover treasures along the way -- the next best thing to being right there with us.  Or take advantage of our complimentary custom shopping service.  Complete your detailed wish list below, and we'll email you photos of pieces we find in France that could meet your needs.  Plus, all custom purchases qualify for a 10% discount.  It's like having your own personal shopper in France.  It doesn't get any better than that.

January 04, 2016


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We are headed back to France...

FOLLOW OUR BLOG - "It's the next best thing to being right there with us"
We are heading back to France on Saturday, January 9th for a three week buying trip that will take us from Paris to the provinces. Be sure to follow our blog as we uncover treasures along the way. You'll get an exclusive sneak peak at the one-of-a-kind pieces we find as well as a glimpse of the French countryside, interiors of French homes, and a behind-the-scenes look at our shopping excursions.

CUSTOM SHOPPING - "It's like having your own personal shopper in France"

French Metro Antiques is pleased to offer a complimentary custom shopping service. Let us find the perfect piece for you, whether it's fine artwork, architectural salvage, or one-of-a-kind furnishings and accessories. We'll take your detailed wish list with us to France and email you photos of pieces that will meet your needs. As professional antique buyers fluent in French, we negotiate the best possible price for you after examining each piece with a discerning eye for quality, beauty, and value. We’ve spent years developing relationships and off-the-beaten-path sources all throughout France, allowing us to consistently uncover the rare and unique. Not only is this service complimentary, but all custom purchases qualify for a 10% discount.

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Shipment from France Arriving This Week!

Hurray! It is finally here! I usually count seven weeks after the day I return home from a buying trip in France till I see that forty foot container back up to our loading dock at French Metro Antiques. And then it's like Christmas, opening up all of those boxes filled with treasures we found all over France over a four week period. May and June shopping in France means four hundred new pieces arriving in August. We will be closed Wednesday, August 19th for five days of intense labor of unpacking, cleaning, waxing, and redecorating. We will re-open our doors on Monday, August 24th. Can't wait to get re-acquainted with our latest acquisitions arriving this week!
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Growing up with French Metro Antiques

It has been nearly a year since I was in Fayetteville doing odd jobs for my parents at their shop, yet I never feel disconnected from the hubbub at French Metro Antiques.  Only two months ago, my parents came to visit me here in France where I’ve spent the past year studying at the Université du Maine in Le Mans.

Soon after their arrival, I found myself tagging along once again on one of their buying trips.  I was greeted by the familiar experience of having to share what little space there was in the rental car with various treasures of copper, bronze, and a variety of woods.  Despite the frequent car loads we dropped off at the shippers, within a matter of hours there always seemed to be a new hoard of goods to share the seats with.  One might think it must have been annoying, but for me, I enjoyed their company, the stories they told, and the lives they’ve lived.

Each piece of art, for that is what they were—gave me new insight into my favorite subject of study:  French history.  The change in motifs from the time of the French kings to the dawn of the Enlightenment and the formation of the French Republic showed a change in attitude among the French people.  The adopted patriotism following the Revolution was evidenced in the revolutionary hat on a brass drum cover from 1793 or in the rooster head pommel on a Napoleonic sapper’s saber that we found in Lyon.

Every day spent with my parents, I inspected the items we found either at some small brocante (flea market) in a village nobody has heard of, or at a grand déballage (fair) where we’d spend hours, eyes peeled, on the lookout for rare objets d’art, such as a skillfully made marquetry chest.

As a Hunt, I am cursed with a keen appreciation for craftsmanship and forgotten beauty.  Try as I might to be restrained (after all, I am just a poor college student), I find myself yearning to expand the collections that I myself have assembled.  This trip in particular, I added to my collection a spadroon with the imperial eagle of Napoleon Bonaparte and dated August 1812, just two months into the emperor’s invasion of Russia.  Though it is impossible to know for sure, I couldn’t’ help but imagine that it had been used during the Battle of Borodino on September 7th.

French Metro Antiques has allowed me to expand upon my knowledge of French history and feed my passion for the past.  I’ll be back in Fayetteville soon, just in time to help receive the fall shipment.  I will once again be greeted by the objects we found on our trip through France, and with each new item unpacked, a memory of our errant search for art will rush back to me along with the nostalgia of travelling in France with my parents.