July 02, 2007


Running like a bull...after one-of-a-kind antiques!

The past two days in Provence have been non-stop shopping, up at 5:00 a.m., awake until 1:00 a.m., and running after antiques in between. And they say this is all glamour! It has been worth the effort though. We have been finding beautiful nineteenth century artwork and wonderful, unique small items.

A nineteenth century still life. Oil on wood in its original gold frame.

A very rare find—a...
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July 01, 2007


Antiques de Provence

We have reached the sunny south of France—warm days, cool nights, and muted colors of the earth. The musical Provençal accent charms us. Is that really French they are speaking?!

The quintessential Provençal piece is the panetière, an ornately carved piece which was either hung on the wall or was set on top of a pétrin, or dough table. The panetière was originally used to store bread. This one is...
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June 30, 2007


Another day in Normandy

Another wonderful day in this lovely part of Normandy that reminds of the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. The weather is brrrrrrrrrrr! Not the usual sunny June we are used to on our summer trips to France.

 A late nineteenth century decorative column from Alsace.

A 30” X 30” iron fire back boasting the heraldry of the French monarchy — a crown surrounded by fleur de lys.

A Napoleon III gold leafed...
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June 28, 2007


Wandering through Normandy

We are in a small sub-region of Normandy and curiously enough have found some exceptional pieces from Provence. Antiques travel the modern world these days just like we do! Our favorite find so far…

A hand carved oak confiturier (jam cabinet) with its original matching verrier (cabinet for glassware). It’s rare to find these two pieces from Provence still together, and they are in pristine...
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June 27, 2007


Chartres, the Beautiful City

We spent today around the beautiful city of Chartres, famous for its Gothic cathedral with its breathtaking stained glass windows. Here are our favorite finds today:

A one hundred year old camera made of walnut and brass with the original brass label of the camera maker in Paris.

A hand carved oak Provençal pétrin full of symbolic carvings for the family who owned it.

A Louis XIV style walnut...
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June 26, 2007


We'll Always Have Paris

We are back in France and this time for five weeks of shopping! Okay, we can’t shop every waking moment while we are here, but we can try! After a day and a half of getting settled and over the jet lag, our first day on the hunt was quite successful.


We found a beautiful walnut Louis-Philippe period music stand with its original bronze candle holder on an extendable arm. A rare piece all in its...
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