La Manche

Off to a La Manche this morning, almost to the Brittany border.  We made a quick stop along the national road and found this stunning Napoleon III papier maché tilt top table with exquisite oil painting and mother of pearl inlay.  Renee has an obsession about Napoleon III mother of pearl---Stay tuned to see if this table makes it to the shop!

A tiny little village in La Manche with a monumental surprise:  authentic nineteenth century Paris street lamps and street signs installed in the village.  Now how did those get here?  The little white dog seemed quite at home in his faux Parisian setting!

Our drive through La Manche ended with another of our favorite restaurants.  The chef recognized us when we walked in, and we got to watch the chef and his crew do their dance in the kitchen while preparing the evening’s feast.

French Metro Antiques
French Metro Antiques


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