Friends, Food, Flowers, and Finds in Le Perche

Today was about friends, food, flowers, and finds.  We started the day discovering a treasure trove of fabulous things



Le Perche is full of flowers…

…and Percheron horses, the Clydesdale-type breed of the region.

Before heading to dinner, we stopped at our friend’s tiny country cottage of 350 square feet.  Called La Vanniere, which means the basket weaver’s house, it was originally where the local basket weaver lived and practiced his craft.

A tradition when we are in the region is to have dinner with the local antique dealers at the local top restaurant.  The chef’s wife always comes to the table with her thick Provencal accent to describe the delicacies of the evening.  Among the evening’s fare was fois gras, chocolate, and cheese.  No, that’s not all we ate.  Fish and fresh vegetable rounded out the meal.

French Metro Antiques
French Metro Antiques


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